The Aimlocate Code

AimLocate Code focuses on capturing a minimum of point level data for every addressable location with or without an address. These point data will form the basic data for AimLocate creates a zip area bound with the Latitude and Longitude value in combination and covers 18.5 km2 area. The use of latitude and longitudinal value makes it hierarchical as well as referential to each other. Zip value being higher or lower will all depend upon if the new location is moving in which direction. Northward and southward movement will change the first three digit of the zip increasing or decreasing while the Eastward and Westward movement will impact the last three digits of the zip.

AimLocate codes will simplify the addressing of the world from textual and contextual address to numeric address with unique standardization which converts the address to unique 4 digit x 4 digit code for a location with minimum 2.5 m2 area and changes following the similar pattern of zip code.

The combination of zip and location code makes the AddressingHome code unique and precise. The addressing home code is hierarchy code and gives directional information too with respect to another addresses.

Our first priority with addressing is simplicity, both in implementation and in understanding. We want to be able to teach those who live where we work how addresses are created and how to find an address once it has been created. Our AimLocate software uses GPS locations to create a unique post code and 4 digit by 4 digit code. With this code, if a person can determine North, East, South, and West, they can find any address that we have created.

In addition, we make it a point to work with people in the areas where we create the uniform addressing system. We do not want to bring in individuals from other countries to create an addressing system, only to have them leave without a knowledge of how to address. As you are aware, if an addressing system is not kept up-to-date, it will quickly become out of date and fall apart. It is also too costly for someone from our office to go to each country every time an address needs to be added. Thus, our goal is to have officials understand the software well enough that they continue addressing after we leave.

Lastly, our database is a key tool used in our software. Knowing where an address is important, but knowing who lives in that address and information about the area is much more important. By having a database, all of this information can be stored and utilized by a person for ecommerce, government services, and basic needs.